We teach salespeople not to close deals.


The Sales Coach Difference

Click the image to view a short video of Sales Evolution leader Scott Messer explaining the difference between sales training and positive sales outcomes.

The Sales Coach Difference

You’re motivated. You want to close or help your team to close more deals. You’ve read the latest books. You’ve got a bookshelf full of the latest sales books and binders full of notes from the half-day or full day sales seminars you attended. So why haven’t your sales improved?

There’s lots of great material on selling out there; the hard part is doing it on a sales call. Sales Evolution’s coaches help business owners, sales managers, salespeople, and non-selling professionals (accountants, attorneys, etc.) make the big leap from what’s in the book to collecting decisions faster, with less stress and higher margins. By working one-on-one with an expert sales coach helping you focus on your best case, worst case, and most likely case on every call, getting inside your prospect’s head and understanding what they really want, decisions get made and deals get done. Sales Evolution clients have access to their coaches before and after sales calls, big meetings, or whenever they need it.

Guess Free Sales Training
and Guess Free Goal Setting

All of Sales Evolution’s work is based on Guess Free Sales Training, a highly effective, non-traditional system that enables salespeople and sales managers at every level of experience to take charge of the selling process.

Sales Evolution’s Guess Free Goal Setting program teaches you how to set and more importantly, achieve, “high-yield goals” — business and personal milestones that are personally meaningful to you, but also realistically achievable.