Alex Archawski
archawski AlexAlex Archawski is a military veteran, social entrepreneur and sales executive who has held executive and sales leadership positions at various companies. As a proud Sales Evolution alumnus (2006), Alex focuses on one objective; to help salespeople achieve outstanding sales success. Previously he was a sales consultant whose mission was to promote excellence in salesmanship and motivate sales organizations to drive improved business performance.

Alex ‘continues to serve’, by assisting our returning Veterans. He created a nonprofit, Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network whose mission is to provide empowerment tools for our Veterans seeking employment, leadership skills and Entrepreneurship success.

Alex’s motto he lives by is:

“Your life accomplishment will be measured by the amount of human impact you’ve delivered”

He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys sprint triathlons, hiking, sailing and fishing. Alex currently resides in Ardmore with his wife and two sons.

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