Stop Riding the Pine Podcast with Scott Messer

Scott Messer, Sales CoachScott talks about the stereotype of salespeople, closing (how not to), and how to remove the pressure from sales calls – for everyone involved.

He also talks about the three C’s:

  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

And much more …

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Smashing the Plateau – Finding Your Place in the Business World with Scott Messer

Scott Messer of Sales EvolutionIn his return to Smashing The Plateau, sales guru Scott Messer reveals why uncovering (and strengthening) your own unique abilities is the only way to build a longstanding and successful career. He also talks about the importance of abandoning egos, and shows us how to build a work culture that’s centered on trust and collaboration.

Topics include:

  • Letting go of weaknesses and building up your strengths
  • Why integrity is every leader’s magic word
  • The language you should banish from your vocabulary
  • Why you need to stop closing deals and start collecting decisions

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Tony Kanak will be presenting “How to Increase Your Referrals in 45 Minutes or Less” to the NARI-BIE Pottstown ChNari-bie Chapter logoapter September 20, 2016

Many great businesses have been built by the referrals from existing customers and referral sources.  You are probably getting a significant number of referrals today if you have been in business for a sustained period of time, but what if you could go above and beyond what you are doing today?  Are you truly harnessing every opportunity to have someone promote you in the best way possible?  Attend this session and come away with some insightful ideas that will increase your referrals starting immediately following the meeting.

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Scott talks about referrals at the Hustle & Grow event.

How to Create a Referral Machine by Scott Messer

How to Create a Referral Machine by Scott Messer

Everyone wants referrals yet top introductions are hard to get. Learn from Scott Messer the top secrets to generating a consistent stream of high-quality introductions and referrals—unless you really like cold calling!

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“Smashing the Plateau” with S. Anthony Iannarino and Scott Messer
We’re excited to bring you our first “Smashing the Plateau” Face Off, featuring S. Anthony Iannarino and Scott Messer, two titans in the sales field. Listen to Anthony and Scott weigh the many sides of closing a deal on this episode.Scott Messer - salesevolutionanthony iannarino

Topics include…

How to approach sales prospects
Why the personal relationship is secondary
How sales is a form of leadership
Why closing isn’t so bad after all
How one deal is actually many smaller sales
S. Anthony Iannarino is the President and Chief Sales officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing. Scott Messer is the Principal at Sales Evolution.

Where Do Sales Come From Podcast

November 13, 2014: Leading Philadelphia Sales Training Firm Sales Evolution Hosts Special Development and Sales Training Webinar Program

Excerpt: “Leading networking and sales training firm Sales Evolution is pleased to announce a special development and sales training webinar program.”

Read full press release at:

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October 13, 2014: Sales Evolution and All About Leverage, LLC to Team Up for Philadelphia Networking Event

Excerpt: “Sales Evolution offers a systematic approach that focuses on sales skills and applying the most effective processes that help to improve business development.”

Read full press release at:

Download PDF: Click Here

Scott Messer is a pioneer of an approach that takes the guesswork out of sales. On this episode of “Smashing the Plateau,” Scott talks about what the best salespeople all have in common, how to see the world from a potential client’s point of view, the mechanics of leaving your comfort zone, and much more.

Topics include…

How “anti-sales” could be your best revenue booster
The secret of healthy and productive risk-taking
How to get your employees working on overdrive
The true value in knowing what you’re good at
Why you should never be the most talented person in the room
Scott Messer and his company Sales Evolution LLC have revolutionized how companies approach their sales tactics. He is also co-author of the business novel The Outcome.

Sales Evolution Podcast

April 22, 2014

Show Notes

  • The Salesperson’s Bill of Rights: Achieve Success Through the Relentless Enforcement Of Your Rights
  • Effective Sales Conversations: The Brave New World Of “Guess Free” Communication
  • Stop “Closing” and Begin Having Meaningful Business Conversations

MagellanThe Magellan Leadership Group Announces David Light elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors

January 25, 2014 – The Magellan Leadership Group announced today that its Board of Directors has unanimously elected David Light as its new Chairman

Excerpt: Per Timothy Cox, Executive Director and outgoing Chairman “I was honored to serve as the Organization’s Chairman for the past 2 years. From the reorganization of the Board of Directors, the re-launch of our new updated website and IT systems, updated Mission Statement and launch of the “Intrepid Leadership Series” and “Mentorship Volunteer Program” we’ve made incredible strides during this time. However, as the Organization matures, it time for the next generation of leadership to take the mantel to guide the Board and Organization through its next stage of growth. The Board has the utmost confidence that Dave has the ability to make this happen and we look forward to his leadership in this regard.”