Sales Mantras

Sales Evolution Blog

by David Scott

My friend David Scott is one of the absolute best salespeople I know, and few work as hard as improving his sales skills as Dave does.  He carries the biggest book of business of anyone I know, and works at the highest executive levels of companies whose names you would recognize, but I can’t say here.

Here are the mantras Dave uses to set his attitude for the big ones:

I will put myself totally on the line

I will come prepared to perform

I will not show weakness

I will love it more the crazier it gets

I will love performing as much as winning

And when the pressure is really on, and fear has me in a stranglehold, I will say this:

  • I want to be here
  • I want to do this
  • I love the pressure
  • I love it all

Today I want to go where no man has gone before

I will be tactful

I am a sales genius

I have to call… for their sake

I will not allow irate prospects to spill into my “I”

Act happy when you are not

I am worth more

I am emotionally powerful

I have no fear

I am a CEO

I have no customer empathy

I have control of my destiny

I will have fun

No one can make me their hostage

There are no victims in Sales