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Alexander Garashchenko

I’ve had the honor of getting to know Alex since we first met in early 2016. One of his greatest traits is constructive honesty, which usually only comes from family and the closest of friends. In start-ups, we mostly learn from experience. Alex has provided me with valuable insights into my businesses, initiatives, and sales process that have helped me and my companies grow and avoid missed opportunities and mistakes. One quick example – I changed my initial response to online leads and went from booking 1 out of 9/10 leads for a call to 3 out of 4. Alex knows this game and knows how to properly utilize each of the pieces. I recommend reaching out to him for advice. I appreciate that Alex gives before he asks for anything in return, also a rare quality. Alex came into our co-working space, Trainer Hall, to give a presentation on “Overcoming Objections in Sales.” The presentation was an eye-opener for our trainers and we would like to have Alex teach them more. This is my first recommendation on LinkedIn and it is well deserved. If you need to make a push forward in your existing sales process or are a start-up/entrepreneur making your mark on the world, I recommend reaching out to Alex. You will get much more than you’re asking for.
Founder / Partner @ Doodle & Trainer Hall

Ali Freezman

testimonial Ali FreezmanSales Evolution is more than a framework, it is a way of life. In less than a year, adopting the Guess-Free mentality has had a tremendous impact on both my personal and professional life. Sales Evolution has given me the confidence I need to be an effective salesperson. Scott and the team have taught me how to build trust and earn the respect of my prospects, no matter who they are. Knowing how to earn mutual respect has allowed me to have more meaningful conversations with prospects, leading to a higher close rate. Sales Evolution introduced me to powerful tools for holding prospects accountable to timelines and communication cadence. These tools have been effective in keeping conversations and on-boarding moving at a healthy pace and decreasing instances of prospects going dark and/or not responding in a timely fashion. The guess-free method is about asking good questions. This has helped me build trust with clients and show expertise without sounding pushy or defensive. In an industry where practitioners are often a part of sales calls and meetings, it is critical to understand how to manage roles in these scenarios. Through the program I’ve learned how to set expectations for who is responsible for what which makes for more effective meetings. The Sales Evolution coaches encourage me to challenge myself. I am constantly being pushed outside of my comfort zone, and every time it works, I get more comfortable trying new things that differentiate me from the competition and help me close deals. The 24-7 on demand coaching service makes it easy for me to pick up the phone and work through scenarios in real time. As situations arise, I turn to the Guess-Free framework to determine how best to handle them, and when I’m not sure, the coaches are always available and willing to help me. Sales Evolution has helped me realize my potential. The program has given me the confidence I need to close any deal, so long as it is the right deal. The Guess-Free approach takes the pressure off by teaching sales professionals that they can’t mess up a good deal and encouraging them to focus on the deals that matter most. Since I started the program, I have taken back countless hours that used to be spent on bad prospects and have applied it to prospects who are most likely to close. Sales Evolution has been extremely effective for myself and my company as a whole. I look forward to continuing my studies for many years to come.

Andrew Valenti
andrew v testimonialsEver have someone thank YOU for a cold call? It is not hyperbolic to say that Scott Messer has had the single largest impact on my sales career than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I consider myself remarkably fortunate to have worked for a company that invested in Scott and Sales Evolution. Before working with Scott, I was afraid of cold calling. Why the heck would this tenured corporate executive want to be bothered by an intrusive cold call from a 22 year old? Even I don’t like salespeople. Sales…yuck, right? Scott turned my world upside-down. He taught me to focus on my client and what is valuable to him or her. He taught me communication strategies that were based in cognitive behavior and psychological preferences. He taught me how to flip the script, and uncover the hidden information that I needed to accurately forecast business and manage my pipeline. Sales wasn’t hard! In fact, it can be really fun. I have been a top performing sales rep at several global businesses, and I have Scott Messer to thank for it. I love cold calling. I manage my sales pipeline without worry. My clients are happier. My prospect’s thank me for providing a comfortable environment in which we can both efficiently and effectively discover whether the thing that I sell, aligns with their goals, passions, and struggles. My favorite part? Scott helped me pushed my comfort zones to new levels. I’m more confident in myself and my abilities, and have used that confidence to do things in my personal life that I was previously afraid of. Scott’s impact goes well beyond your company’s bottom line. An investment in Sales Evolution means that you care immensely about your employees, and really want them to do well. I would highly recommend Scott to pretty much anybody who sells pretty much anything.
Anita Andrews
Anita Andrews TestimonialScott Messer and his team provide a clearly articulated, easily graspable approach to demystifying the sales process – particularly for people who find themselves in non-traditional sales roles (founders and CEOs, for example). His approach is effective at driving sales that are going to close to closing, and driving sales that aren’t going to close away from taking up one’s time. Scott is extremely responsive, seemingly always available, and perhaps most importantly, he tailors his recommendations and coaching to each individual’s unique strengths and abilities. I highly recommend him to anyone – sales expert or not – who is looking to grow the revenue they drive.
Benjamin Charley

testimonial Benjamin CharleyScott has personally assisted our team at Rapid TPC for the past 9 months. His approach is both highly informative and personal. Sales Evolution has helped our company change the way we think about selling. Now we have a brand new toolbox of resources to interface with the companies we work with, we’re collecting decisions, ensuring a positive outcome for both parties, and eliminating uncertainty on both sides. Simply put, it’s been great. Scott and his team are always available to provide additional assistance when needed. Their ability to work through individual cases, understand our objectives, and assist in synthesizing a plan of action has been nothing short of amazing. ~CEO & President at Rapid TPC

Bill Evans

William Evans ReviewWorking with Alex and the Sales Evolution has been an absolute pleasure. For the better part of a year, I have had the opportunity to learn fantastic new techniques and communication skills. This experience has changed my way of thinking within sales and helped to fast-track communication cycles with our prospects. Additionally, our company has had some unexpected challenges of which Alex & team had no problem rolling up their sleeves and diving in to help. I would happily recommend Sales Evolution to anyone from a Business Development novice to a seasoned expert. Everyone has something to learn from this All-Star Team! ~ Solutions Architect at Liberty Fox Technologies

Bonnie Zsigo
Scott and his team’s service and commitment to me are unlike any I’ve experienced. They cut through the clutter and get to the essence of what is going to move or not move the deal forward and come up with strategies and questions to resolve the sales issues. Their approach to training, coaching, and ability to apply the Guess Free Selling techniques across multiple industries is refreshing and most importantly, it works. The coaches listen to each situation and stay close to help from beginning to end. Throughout the process pressure is lifted from both the buyer and the seller, and there is no guessing as to what happens along the way. The GFS process paves the way for longer lasting relationships and mutual success.

No matter if you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, Scott and his team will keep you sharp and help you stand out inside your company. I suggest bringing Scott and Sales Evolution into your organization before your competition does.

Byron Druss

Byrun DrussScott is a very practical business sales coach. He’s been helping some area startups and more mature companies for years now. I mentioned Seer Interactive, which is off the charts now, and Arcweb, which just came in 2nd for a Wharton competition for fastest growing. Scott’s company is Sales Evolution. We met co-presenting at a Hustle & Grow meeting at Benjamin’s Desk. Scott’s got a lot of very practical, simple yet disciplined principles that may really help you. I consider him the Will Rogers of sales.

Carl Francis

“When you find a consultant who LIVES their own advice, hire them. I believe it’s a sign of integrity, commitment and discipline. Those are exactly what I’ve consistently found in Scott Messer. He’s encouraged me, helped me and opened amazing doors for me — all things he advises people to do as part of building a trusted circle of business relationships. And he did each of these gladly and without strings. I find that impressive. My recommendation: Hire him. Listen to him. And learn from him. I believe he’s the real thing.”

Cecelia Oliva

testimonial CeciliaRegardless of how long time has passed since our last workshop with Scott, his tried and true techniques are so relevant today as they were 5 years ago. I appreciate that he takes the time to hear the whole story before suggesting the best approach. He makes sure that you are clear on your conversations, and challenges one to step outside their comfort zone. His focus is on you. Thank you Scott for being an amazing source to call on. ~Cecilia Oliva, Senior Sales Director

Christine Walsh

Sales Evolution Review Christine WalshPrior to working with Sales Evolution I had an undefined approach to Sales and as an accountant was not comfortable in the business development/sales role. Sales Evolution has guided me towards a personal and solid foundation for sales and business development that is both comfortable and natural to implement. I have been attending sales coaching classes and am constantly learning something new, which has translated into sales growth of more than 100% over 3 years.

Dan Tisoskey

Dan Tisoskey TestimonialAfter working with Scott: “A huge congratulations to Dan for not only an incredible month but for breaking both his personal best and setting a record best for the company as well. $318,912 is now the new record for best monthly sales by a single sales person. Dan, job well done. Nothing like setting the bar high an obtaining your goal. I always knew it was in you. Congrats again, and I can’t wait to go out watch shopping with you.”

David Newman

“Scott, you have been so incredibly helpful and supportive in our coaching, in my employee selection, and in rocketing my sales results … my CPA says I’m now nicknamed ‘The Phoenix,’ rising from the ashes!”

David S

David S Sales Ev TestimonialScott, congratulations on your 10 years, and thank you. It is no surprise to me that you are succeeding. Over the past 5 years you have made a significant impact on the results at Saxco, and you have made a profound impact on me. Collectively we have changed and grown. Thanks to GFS, we are true Sales Pros, collecting commitments and decisions. 5 years ago we developed little business and were frequently surprised at losses because we did not ask the right questions. Today, we gain business frequently by following the GFS process and gaining agreement before we quote. We don’t win them all, and we don’t need to. Your guidance goes beyond GFS training and coaching. You have helped improve our hiring (and firing) process, our focus on individual Sales objectives, and our Sales Management and Leadership Skills. ~VP Sales Saxco International

David Scott

sales evolution david scott testimonialMy career includes senior sales management roles at several technology companies, including IPOs Fortune 100, and I’ve used Scott and Sales Evolution at them in the past 15 years because this is the best sales education, and more importantly, implementation program I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve been through many!). The program is as much or more for experienced, senior reps as those more junior. My teams are highly technical, well versed on their products, and often trained in other methods. Sales Evolution dramatically leveraged that knowledge for big results, including record sales, higher margins, and a dramatically improved sales culture, among them. ~Region VP Sales – at ARRIS

David Whitaker
Scott and his team are insightful, empathetic, and entertaining. They do a great job of making expert sales strategies accessible and valuable to seasoned professionals and novices alike. In addition, their on-demand coaching is a great way to apply these lessons to real life situations. I highly recommend them to any organization looking to take their sales performance to the next level.
Eric Keiles, Partner

Eric Keiles Testimonial“Working with Scott has paid for itself ten times over. His insight and patient recommendations have helped me and my sales team close more deals with much less work. Scott’s “salesperson’s bill of rights” changed our team’s approach to selling. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their sales metrics without hesitation.”

Eric Robinson

Eric Robinson TestimonialThe Sales Evolution classes that I attended were terrific. Scott’s particularized guidance is superb. I attended a variety of seminars when I practiced law with a giant international law firm and a very large national law firm. The Sales Evolution courses are at the top of the list of any seminars that I have attended over almost 25 years of practice. Scott is provocative, sensible, useful, and motivating. Attend with an open mind – you’ll find an immediate value-add that is beneficial to any business.

Erica F

Erica F TestimonialFrom the time I began working with Ash, it was clear that he wanted to do all that he could to support me. He was incredibly responsive and sent me many resources to support my growth and learning. Email copies were especially helpful, serving as guides for me as I crafted emails to prospective clients. Ash created a safe space that made me comfortable to ask questions and make mistakes. I have certainly become less nervous before sales calls. We spent time working through the initial investigation conversation with a customer and this practice certainly strengthened my skills. It was great to know that I had support from all of the coaches at SalesEvolution — Scott made himself available to me and talked through different opportunities and situations with me. It was great to know that if I needed to talk through a challenge, I had responsive and wise people to turn to. ~Director of Education Success at Kickup Inc.

Erik Thomas

Working with Ash and Sales Evolution one-on-one has greatly improved the sales process in my business. I have been able to work through the GFS sales process and understand my sales activities since working with Sales Evolution. My prospects must qualify for me and I enforce my Sales Bill of Rights. The support of the Sales Evolution team is also amazing with getting guidance from Scott as well as other team members.

I would highly recommend Sales Evolution to anyone that is looking to improve their companies sales process. ~ Bright Thought Design

Frank Rowe
Frank Rowe TestimonialScott is one of the very best in a crowded field of sales coaches and trainers. He’s certainly the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Few people understand the deeper psychological struggles corporate buyers have when trying to fulfill their needs. Scott is expert at helping uncover the larger unknown (unless you ask) issues facing the corporate buyers sales teams encounter every day. In addition, Scott is an exceptionally good coach and mentor–rather than telling you the answer, he asks you to articulate your planned approach. He then (often) will say ‘that’s very good…but you might also consider adding…’ and you learn more and the result with the prospect is inevitably even better. I have recommended Scott to a number of executives because I’m confident he will help them be more successful with their sales teams. Any executives lucky enough to work with Scott (and the rest of his excellent team), will find the experience eye opening, educational and worthwhile.
Jay Bowman

testimonial jay bowmanScott, it’s been a very long time since I experienced your team building training and was a participant in one of your classes. But the framework you provided is a living part of my professional life, and the tools you gave me are well oiled and show continued use. While I am not a salesperson in the traditional sense, I am doing “selling” all the time: – I sell collaboration and stand alongside the winners throwing the bricks of the silos they had built into the dumpster – I sell “bridge kits” and watch the rivers that represented an insurmountable barrier become just a view from the bridge of unlimited possibilities. I’ve used the tools and smiled to see dysfunction transform into partnership, smoldering silence mutate into synergy, and breakdowns become breakthroughs. And I have fun doing it! I am an agent for change and team development in my work, social and home contexts. The principles and practices you model and train change us as people, and that’s ultimately where the success comes from. I’ve learned the lesson in your question: “Do you want to be right or do you want to get what you want?” I’ve given up the demand to “be right” and just listen to my audience instead. The things I’ve given up always move me closer to the things I really want. I have much bigger dreams and successes as a result.

Jeff Whitmore

First and foremost, allow me to say that this note is long overdue. Writing you a thank you note has been on my docket for a long time and alas, I’m finally getting around to writing it. Better late than never as they say! With the 2016 election now behind us, I am happy can happily write to tell you that I doubled my 2015 bookings this year having closed $5.7 MM to date! Truly an incredible year for me and in no small part to you and your tireless efforts to help hone my sales skills, and my professional development more broadly. So, thank you! I am of course bummed that we no longer work together but know that you’ve had an incredible impact on my professional life and I appreciate that. Do drop me a line the next time you find yourself in D.C. ~Resonate

Jennifer Logan

I’ve been in sales for over 10 years, and when I was told at my most recent company that the entire team worked with a sales coach, I did not think it would or could make much of a difference. After working with Scott for just one month, I was thoroughly impressed! He was able to narrow in on my weaknesses fairly quickly, help take the fear out of a very direct, guess-free approach, and ultimately helped me clean up my pipeline and close deals that were best for both the clients, and my company. Put aside your natural skepticism, pick up a pen and sign up, Sales Evolution is that good. ~ Sales Director – Southwest at Resonate

Jim Katzenberger

Jim KatzenbergerI began working with Scott and the Sales Evolution Team in May 2015. I found his approach and program to be the right fit for what we are trying to accomplish. By July, I had convinced the remainder of our Business Development team to commit to learning and using the Sales Evolution Methodology. I’ve been exposed to many sales methods in my career, and experienced varying degrees of success. They had one thing in common – they had me thinking manipulation of the prospect was necessary to be successful. Sales Evolution has a different approach. What separates Sales Evolution and the Guess Free Selling approach is its common sense approach to sales. Successful sales people, those who are the “stars”, do not manipulate their clients or allow themselves to be manipulated. Guess Free Selling approaches the sales process with the belief there are two professional organizations trying to find common ground and determine whether or not they can do business. You learn to answer the questions: Do I have what you want and do you want what I have to offer. Sales Evolution is about taking it to another level – your preparation, your engagement, your understanding of the client’s needs, and then being, acting and responding like a partner. Without hesitation, I would recommend Scott and the Sales Evolution Team to anyone who is serious about increasing their sales.

Jim Owens
“Scott and his team provide a unique combination of sales process training and day-to-day coaching and support that drives learning and continuous improvement. Unlike other sales trainers and methodologies, Scott and his team focus on the reality-testing questions that are sometimes uncomfortable but always effective at getting to the heart of the matter. The GFS team’s ability to provide 24/7 objective analysis and advice helps to minimize/eliminate the subjectivity and emotional noise that leads to “guessing” and waiting instead of knowledge and action.

My only regret about Guess Free Selling is that I wish I had been trained sooner.”

Jim Perry

Jim Perry TestimonialGuess Free Selling is simple and effective and has had a very real impact on our business. Scott and his team have been a great attribute to our sales team and sales process. He meets on a monthly basis with my entire sales team – the results have been dramatic in terms of Revenue, Gross Margins, and Operating Income growth. Our business is unique (we all think this, I am sure) and Scott’s ability to understand and make a difference is real. Sometimes he will say things that on the surface you will think –Is this guy crazy? But upon further reflection his methodology invariably results in a successful outcome. We also love his – Monday Morning Drill. We recommend Scott and his team, they get you thinking, acting, and behaving in new ways – new ways that result in break through sales results.

Jim Socci

“This course is not for prisoners or people that are instructed to go to training because their boss said they could use it. While you might encounter a prisoner or two, you most likely will be surrounded by best of the best in their field which will align many business opportunities and future successes for you outside of the course.”

Justin Cooper

Justin CooperWorking with Scott and his Sales Evolution program is amazing. He was an incredible resource for me and my team, and was always on-call whenever I needed him. His hands-on approach helped the entire team drive a substantial amount of revenue. If you have the opportunity to work with Scott, I’d highly recommend that you seize it.
Justin Cooper, Senior Director of Sales at Resonate

Justin Cooper

Working with Scott and his Sales Evolution program is amazing. He was an incredible resource for me and my team, and was always on-call whenever I needed him. His hands-on approach helped the entire team drive a substantial amount of revenue. If you have the opportunity to work with Scott, I’d highly recommend that you seize it. ~Senior Director of Sales at Resonate

Kate Wills

Kate Will Testimonial ThomasNet“Working with Scott Messer and Guess Free Selling has proven to be a game-changer for my career. I’m 422% of plan YTD and am currently ranked in the top quarter of all sales reps nationwide YTD. Oh, and I should mention that I got my biggest commission check of my sales career last month! I can easily attribute much of my success to the GFS method.”

Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creatives!”

Kim Landry

“Signing up with Scott Messer for his Guess-Free Selling program was the best thing I ever did for my business. To this day, I draw on his insights and guidance in every conversation with a prospect, and it has served me very well. Though the training is superb, what really sets Sales Evolution apart from Sandler and the rest is the one-on-one coaching, which is free and unlimited when you sign up for the training. You get a dedicated coach you can call whenever you need advice or get stuck. So you learn not only in the classroom but in the moments when you need it most.”

Kristen Druger

It’s rare that you come across a business professional that starts the meeting with the phrase “How can I help you?” That describes Scott Messer and his team’s unique approach to the sales profession. I had just started my business several months prior before meeting with Scott on a colleague’s recommendation. I knew the business was not headed in the right direction but I didn’t know how to change it. I have utilized the “Guess Free Selling” method for close to 9 months now and my business is now on an upward climb at a pace faster than I could have ever imagined. I am not sure where my business would be if we hadn’t crossed paths. Not only is Scott a successful sales person but I have witnessed his generosity and kindness to others. ~ Owner and Principal at Golden Financial Group, LLC

Lauren Albert

Lauren Albert Testimonial“I think that your coaching and support have been so important to my ability to build successful relationships with our clients and partners. I don’t feel as shy about asking questions that I may have danced around before as I thought they were not appropriate to ask. The sales process is shortening as I am clearer about the information I need and who the decision maker is to move things along.”

Laurence M. Nipon

Larry Nipon Testimonial“The content was masterfully presented, and if executed correctly by your “disciples,” will undoubtedly have significant impact on their results. I wasn’t kidding when I told you that Sales Evolution is a non-decision … it’s a must have for any business relying on a sales initiative. Man you’re good!”

Lloyed Lobo
“Having been to over a dozen sales training sessions, I walked into Scott’s session with a bit of an air … by the end I was the first to stand and applaud. In a time when there is so much competition for your product or service, it is easy for sales reps to be on edge, and that can become visible to clients. Scott’s coaching is not only guess free, it is also stress free. He helps sales reps build relationships with clients and turn them into evangelists. His program is simple and easy to understand. More importantly, Scott is always on call to answer your questions — no matter how complex the situation, he has a solution that is bound to get you a response!”
Lynn Nelson

“It worked! Magic Email sent 10:07 this am. Client in hiding responded 10:23 am. Thank you for your help. Sales Evolution rocks!”

Michael Shein

testimonial Michael ScheinWhen starting my business I was leaving a secure corporate job. I knew I had something that could help people but had no idea how to sell it. On top of that, I didn’t feel comfortable with the pushy, “always be closing” approach I had always associated with selling. Even though I was nervous about making the investment, I took the plunge and invested in Sales Evolution, mainly because a fellow business owner who made it big told me working with Scott changed his life. It has changed mine as well. The work wasn’t easy…I had to overcome a lot of habits and preconceptions and it wasn’t a quick fix. But it eventually stuck in a big way. Today I own my own highly successful business doing what I’ve always been meant to do. My clients are thrilled with our work and I’m getting into new projects in areas I used to lay in bed dreaming about. Sales Evolution gave me the life I always wanted.

Michael Stern

Michael Stern ReviewLong ago, in a sales galaxy far far away, I was sent to a Sales Training course by a former VP of Sales who thought I had a clue and could benefit from some exposure. He had attended Scott’s boot camp a few years before.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most helpful steps in my sales career. Up to that point I had assumed it was ok to “show up and throw up” all the info regarding our services. Little did I know that there were rules to our engagement and that it was ok to tell the client that “we might not be a fit.” Scott helped change the paradigm for me and has led to many more successful interactions as I now am the one auditioning the client; not the other way around. It is no understatement to say Scott has helped me become successful by becoming more selective in who I feel is a fit.

Whatever your level of engagement, from neophyte sales guy to seasoned professional, Scott’s courses and coaching will be a significant value add to your way of looking at sales.
Michael Stern ~ DocFinity Enterprise Content Mgt. Consultant

Michael Vaughan
Scott has been an invaluable resource for our sales team and has helped us grow. His unlimited email/phone coaching for our reps has been a tremendous resource. And, the highest compliment we can give him is that we just gave out our first of what will be many Messer awards to reward reps who employ his techniques most effectively. I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to build, grow, or improve their sales team.
Michael Vaughan, VP

“Scott has been an invaluable resource for our sales team and has helped us grow from a few pretty successful reps to 10+ really successful reps and we expect that trend to continue in the future.”

Naketa Thigpen

Nikita Thigpen Sales Evolution TestimonialAlex is an engaging speaker, sales coach and B2B expert that demonstrates unmatched expertise. He delivered more than I expected at our recent Building Business with Balance forum for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners by walking each participant through the sales process and wasn’t afraid to answer tough questions posed by the audience. Knowledgeable in the art of understanding your audience, Alex was able to differentiate his language for the mixed group of novice and experiential business owners, some of whom had previous sales coaching training and avoided pitch-filled industry standard language as he led all in his presence through the detailed process. I highly recommend Alex from A-Z on all things Sales! ~Women’s Executive Balance Advisor

Paul Madden

Paul Madden TestimonialScott and the Sales Evolution team made a significant, measureable contribution to our last three years performance (record sales, record margins, record net income). As a Vice-President of Sales for several different organizations who has gone through many different sales training programs I can say Sales Evolution is the best I’ve experienced. Our sales team was highly technical, well versed on the products, and well trained in sales, and Sales Evolution dramatically leveraged these investments through the Guess Free Selling process and most importantly through the scheduled and on-demand coaching. Their remarkable availability for coaching the team is only overshadowed by the impact the coaching has on our reps; they are getting decisions faster and more comfortably for both the buyer and seller, there is less “selling” and more collaboration. Hire them, they’re the real deal.

Peter Schmidt

“I started working with Scott in July of 2008, sent three new hires to his Guess Free Selling classes in 2009/2010; and have met at least monthly with him for the duration. Why would a company based in South Central Pennsylvania engage with a metro Philadelphia coach; drive 200 miles for classes and 100 miles for my coaching sessions with him when there are any numbers of coaches around me? Good question. I started with Scott after interviewing four other coaches. Scott was the only one not trying to push me into a system. Scott not only modeled what he coached, but also listened, unlike the others. Most importantly Scott did not profess to have all the answers, but was willing to say if I can’t help you with an issue, I will set you up with someone who can at no extra fee (and did). It took me a while working with Scott to figure out what made Scott’s approach so different, I was paying Scott for outcomes instead of service. During my time being coached by Scott, I have transitioned from being 15-year-old company of one (with 1-3 PT employees) to a new growing company of five. In 2009 we doubled sales, and in 2010 we are on track to triple sales. Probably most telling is we no long have an open proposal file. Scott will show you how to step out of your comfort zone; increase your opportunities; stop selling and start having conversations; focus on outcomes, rather than activity; create trust from the beginning; and most importantly, how to listen to what your prospect (and clients) are telling you. ”

Roger A. Reina
“Scott has worked directly with our sales and customer support staff at TicketLeap over the past year as our sales coach, and has generated highly impressive results which markedly improved our sales process and success as a business. In fact, his work shifted our culture internally, to the benefit of our bottom line, reputation in the field and the professional growth of our staff. Over my 20+ year career in Penn Athletics and Penn Medicine, I have been involved with a variety of training programs that were “sales oriented,” including effective recruiting strategies in athletics (a highly competitive area of work), as well as major-gift fundraising strategies preparing us to make 6-, 7- and 8- figure major-gift asks. I rank Scott’s work the most valuable of any that I’ve experienced, with a grade of A + +. ”
Ron Strobel

Scott is someone I can rely on to ask the right questions and get to the actions that will produce real, measurable results. He is a true expert at his craft.

Ryan Clemency

“Scott Messer has created a sales methodology, Guess Free Selling, that has had a very real impact both in my daily life of sales & business development as well as on a personal communication level. It’s powerful stuff!”

Ryan Seitz

“In the last few months I’ve closed some big accounts (many from warm calling no less) by using your techniques. With the biggest account, at the most critical moment, a prospect seemed surprised that our pricing was as high as the other (much bigger) guys. I paused and asked, ‘Why would that surprise you?’ We talked about it and he wound up answering his own question. With another new account, I put all the “in the ways” in front of the prospect, such as we didn’t have any industry experience, were not the safe choice, etc. They are now our first casual dining chain client and we’re looking for more. These are two of many examples (small and big) of things I’ve done this last year to land new business recently and much of this is thanks to you. “I have to say the program is ‘worth every penny!’ One session and I feel like I’m already making money … I now know why they call it empowerment. Now its time to put that empowerment into action. Thank you!”

Staci Bender Epstein

I have known Scott for more than 5 years now and beyond helping me from a sales coaching perspective, he has continuously supported me in both of my businesses. He has excellent advice and his knowledge in sales is exceptional. Whether you are a solopreneur or a large organization, Scott has the necessary skill set to help everyone.

Stephanie Davari-Page
Director, Business Development at Resonate Networks
“Scott and his team have a deep, intuitive understanding of not only the process of sales, but also the decision making processes that impact any situation that involves negotiation. Having gone through other sales programs, I was a bit of a skeptic prior to going through the Sales Evolution program. However, I quickly realized that Scott’s program is different. The SE team is thoughtful, their perspective – spot on, and they’ve helped me develop the habits and techniques to ask the necessary questions, remove barriers and go beyond the self-restraining limits to ensure winning outcomes for all involved.

I can’t recommend Scott and his team highly enough – I’ve learned so much and their coaching has made an indelible impact in my career. Whether starting out in your sales career or having years of experience behind you, make that call and have a conversation with Scott!”

Warren Cook

warren cook testimonialOver the past year I have had the pleasure to build a relationship with Scott and Sales Evolution. The depth and breadth of Scott’s expertise delivered in a professional and strategic manner was easy to implement and apply to my profession. Scott was always available and ready to help me achieve my goals, and the result was immediate, producing a sustainable increase in revenue for my consulting firm.

If you need to increase sales or train your sales team to achieve excellence, there is no one better than Scott and Sales Evolution.

Wil Reynolds

Wil Reynolds Testimonial“Since I began working with Scott and Sales Evolution we’ve been on the Philly 100 list for the last 5 years, putting us in the Philadelphia 100 Hall of Fame. My favorite thing about working with Scott is his constant availability. Unlimited coaching really does mean unlimited coaching. 10 years later my team still hears about my learnings from working with a sales coach, the stuff wasn’t a “one and done” thing, it transformed the way I work every single day.”

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