Twin king crab boats owned by Seven Seas Corporation are discovered mysteriously capsized off the coast of the Pribilof Islands — all hands lost. Jane Dreyfus, Senior Vice President of Sales, is on the first leg of a London-Paris-Brussels trip when she learns that one of the dead is the troubled son of her most important customer.

The Outcome: A Novel Approach to Selling follows Jane’s seven-day saga negotiating millions in business agreements, all the while struggling with her role in the tragedy and the questions it invokes about her work, her career and the nature of human uncertainty. While the book is a thriller that stands on its own merits, sales professionals and business owners will find it useful for the powerful lessons about selling and business development that are embedded in this ingenious story.

The Outcome was written by David Douglass Light with Scott Messer, both of Sales Evolution.

It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iBooks Store on iTunes (to find it in iBook, search for The Outcome Light Messer).

The Outcome is about civilization’s essential need for salespeople. Today, a well trained, aligned sales force is essential for the execution of any realistic business plan. To go farther in the new global-digital millennium, an entirely new form of salesmanship — one we call Guess Free Selling — has emerged. At it’s core is the one element that will drive business resolutely forward. Simply, the truth. No assumptions, no assertions, no guessing. Just the truth as the prospective customer perceives it. This process provides salespeople with the skills to fulfill their professional responsibility and reach the outcome that prospects truly want to achieve