The Napkin Presentation

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Roger’s closing percentage is superior when he connects his solution to his buyer’s emotional hot buttons.  His challenge, however, is getting his buyers comfortable with sharing that kind of information early on in the sales process.  Without the buyers emotional involvement Roger feels as though the qualification questions he asks seem invasive and abrasive.

Buyers expect presentations and most sales people certainly have a talent for presenting.  On the surface this would seem like a match made in Big Deal heaven.  Unfortunately, buyers are taught to get a presentation up front so they can shop the information and/or use it for leverage to beat the salesperson in the end game.

One solution to presenting without giving away any information is to use The Napkin Presentation.  This is a short form presentation based upon your Verbal Business Card that could fit on the back of a napkin.  The focus of this presentation is on the buyer, not the seller, service, product, or solution.  The buyer sees their own reflection in the story they hear.  This sets an emotional tone to get the buyer to share important and necessary information with you.

Draw three columns to make your presentation.  First, list 4 or 5 points as to What’s Happening Now in the marketplace as it relates to your buyers problems and priorities.  In the next column list Misconceptions / Problems the buyer may encounter while seeking solutions to these issues.  Finally, introduce your big picture Value Proposition or Distinguishing Factors to the marketplace.  Constantly seek feedback from the buyer on the points of your Napkin.  Use this tool as a leave behind instead of brochures and price lists.