Guess Free Selling Sales Training & Coaching


Let’s face it — the sales techniques of the past just don’t work well when pitted against today’s professional buyers.


Sales is a profession, no different from accounting, plumbing, law or carpentry.  Would you hire an accountant as poorly trained and coached as your sales team?

The body of work in sales is fantastic. 

The books, webinars, YouTube videos and trainers are all great.  How many good salespeople do you know?  How many do you have on your team?  If you are a business developer would you hire you for the job?

The challenge in selling isn’t the material, it is a person’s ability to execute.  Our work is first to teach the sales process and then unlock and unblock your team’s collective head to actually do the things they recognize they should do but emotionally cannot.  (“What if they get mad?”  “They may not like me as much.”  “I really need this deal.”, etc.)

As with every Sales Evolution program extensive, individual, one-on-one coaching is included.

This program is for…

Business Owners / Company Presidents / Sales Managers / Salespeople

Are you?


  • Aggravated over continually dealing with sales cycles that go on and on for no apparent reason and no process for moving deals forward or killing them
  • Dealing with the difficulty and struggle of how to reframe a prospect or customer’s view of your products as commodities so you can maintain or expand margins
  • Feeling uncomfortable about how to get the business you want at a price satisfactory to both you and the customer, and how to get them to tell you how to do it
  • Feeling Frustration over the difficulty of getting through to senior decision makers and getting an audience
  • Eliminating or reducing the high cost and eroding margins to the organization from demands from prospects who want you to provide samples, drawings, bids, quotes, RFP’s, or other forms of “free consulting” before doing business
  • Concerned with low closing percentages


If you are struggling with any of the above, call or contact us. We can help.

All Sales Evolution clients receive training in the Guess Free methodology.