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Coaching Business OwnersSales Training and Coaching

Owners often feel compelled to do it all, even when they have an organization and staff to support them.

  • Should you really be doing the books?
  • Why do you need to make every decision?
  • What would you do if you could shed 10, 20 or 30 hours per week of tasks?

Sales Evolution can help you shed the tasks that consistently drain your time and energy so that you can work on growing the business and empowering your team.

Coaching Solopreneurs

Sales Evolution is expert at helping “solopreneurs” set and achieve business and life goals.

A solopreneur is a person who is extremely adept at a craft or a trade, and has built or is building a successful, profitable business.

Sales Coaching TechniquesSales Evolution coaches these pioneers in business development and in how to build “Unique Ability” businesses to support the lives they want to live, as opposed to the lives their businesses afford.

Often, the successful Solopreneur is no longer doing the things that energize or motivate him or her; it’s not fun anymore, even if the money is good.

Sales Evolution works with these talented people to put the processes and structures in place to remove the stress — often to the point where business development (sales) is the best part of the job.